Bed buying tips
Bed buying tips

Your bed is an important place to retreat, relax and enjoy those peaceful moments.

It's worthwhile taking time to ensure you choose the bed which is right for you so you can delight in the pure comfort and total support a Dapeng bed has to offer.

Dress comfortably  

Wear loose fitting clothing thats comfortable and makes it easy to relax and also get up and off the beds. You dont sleep with your shoes on, so wear some shoes that are easy to slip off when lying down.

Take some time

Spend at least 5-10 minutes on each bed, snuggle down and try to relax. If it makes you feel more comfortable you can always ask the sales assistant to leave you for a few moments so you can spend more time trialling the mattress by yourself. 

Are you a side, back or tummy sleeper? People often test beds lying on their back yet they dont sleep that way. Always lie the same way on the bed as you normally sleep at home.

Try closing your eyes, so you can better concentrate on how your body feels on the bed. The right bed for you will make you feel fully supported with your spine nicely aligned so focus on whether that is how your body feels. If you are feeling naturally comfortable and free of any aches and pressure points, youre on the way to your own dream world.

Theres often 2 in the bed

If you sleep with a partner, its best to try the beds with both of you on the bed at the same time. You should each take turns moving around whilst the other lies how they normally sleep. This will allow you to determine how restful your sleep will be and whether you will be impacted by partner movement. Its important you get a chance to experience what your bed will feel like once youre home and not in the middle of a store.

Create your own dream world 

To create your own dream world you need more than just a comfortable mattress. It is about all the elements of your bed working together to deliver that magical feeling the moment you slip under the covers at night. When buying your new mattress it is important to review your base, pillow, quilt, mattress and pillow protectors as all these elements will affect how you sleep.

All our Dapeng bases, pillows, protectors and quilts have been specifically designed to complement our mattress ranges so you are safe in the knowledge that all the elements will work together to deliver pure delight, day after day.