What to expect
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When you first bring your bed home you can expect it to feel different to how the bed felt when you tried it in-store.

Beds are just like a pair of shoes - they need to be worn in. The bed you trialled in-store has had the chance to be broken in and it will feel softer than your bed does initially.

Give it time:  

It can take several weeks or months for your body to adjust to your new mattress. It is important to remember you may have been sleeping on a mattress that was providing inadequate support for years. A mattress that is correctly supporting your spine will feel different and it may actually feel uncomfortable at first. Remember this is temporary and your body and mattress will adjust to each other!

Body Impressions:  

When your mattress first arrives the pillow top will be ready to mould to your body.  Your mattress is designed to shape  to your body creating a retreat you can escape to. When body impressions are a sign that the comfort layers are relaxing and forming to the curves of your body.

Air out your new mattress: 

Don¡¯t be surprised if your new mattress to come with the new mattress  smell. We recommend that you air out your mattress before putting any sheets on. This smell should fade after a few days and while it may be unpleasant, it is not harmful.

Extra Comfort Layers

You may notice that your new mattress is a lot deeper. Due to advance comfort and support technologies new mattresses tend to be a lot deeper. It is important to consider this as you may need to invest in some new sheets or adjust your headboard.